Your Skin



I used to ache for beauty in my world.

I used to hold on so carefully, to every glimpse I could glean. Preserve it in frozen perfection in my mind, envelop it in my thoughts, wrap it in words and squirrel it away into a niche, to draw upon when I needed that beauty.

And then you came along, and I could no longer hold on to those faint streaks of blushing dawn. The crystalline beads of dew hanging on spiderwebs, were no longer diamond. A lingering whiff of gardenia was nothing more than a brushstroke, in a palette of wider fragrance.

You came along, and everything else in my world just paled in significance.

The sunlight is still beautiful, but only because when I turn, it catches the dusting of golden hair along your jaw. Its brilliance only serves me in shadow, when it makes your lashes throw shadows along my fingertips.

The sun merely serves to illuminate you.

Every aspect of the physical world has ceased to be coherent on its own, it seems. The moon is a reminder of your windy, steep balcony, where I may some day, fall off the face of the earth. The rain teases and cajoles, whispering endless murmurs of repeated conversations. Time is naught but a whirl of color revolving around your hand and mine, and your smile and mine, and I am not even aware of each facet. The din of the world has receded into meaningless white noise- I hear you, and that seems quite enough.

Is it any surprise then, that my thoughts are as lost as my words?

Or that I lie awake aching still next to you, marveling at your limbs entwined with mine… marveling at the halo the sprinkled beams make over your skin, when morning creeps in through our window?

Or that, well, I could lie awake all night that way, just so that I would wake up next to you?

I used to ache for beauty in my life. I used to hold on to every single tatter I could gather. I used to live somehow, I have no recollection of that past life, that past self. Who I am now, is somebody entirely else. Somebody happy. And you made me this way.

And I would sell my soul for a few stray coins, if it meant I could wake up next to you for the rest of my life, every single day…





8 thoughts on “Your Skin

  1. andy1076 says:

    ohhh ya, I’m definitely glad you’re back wow! :O


  2. Madsies says:

    Oh my gosh.Bewitching. Delightful. What not. So so so beautifully written. This is a masterpiece.
    Xoxo Cookie, Missya. ❤


  3. Madsies says:

    And the quote is just excellent. ❤


  4. daslater2013 says:

    Simply Devine Cookie ❤ every word is a portrait of Love 🙂 blessings sweet friend xdx


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