Beetle Nut!

Beetle Nut!!

I was standing in my yard (that magical land of fantasy and adventure) when this Lil Feller plopped down onto the ground, quite right out of the sky. He blushed a pretty green to see me, then bloomed a wondrous orange yellow in the sun, and admittedly, I was stunned.

Not stunned enough to forget to take a picture for you guys, though. πŸ™‚


Hugs from a bug,

Cookie ❀


10 thoughts on “Beetle Nut!

  1. Netta de Beer says:

    Absolutely fabulous !!
    A wonderful little creature !!
    Thanks for sharing .


  2. Virginia says:

    I know, right? Love it when that happens…when little things just make the world brighter.

    Buggy huggy!! ❀


  3. daslater2013 says:

    Wow!! What a stunner πŸ™‚
    Liking your tributary too ❀


  4. PapaBear says:

    Ha ! When I first saw the title I thought it said “Beer Nut” ! Great pic, Cookie. πŸ™‚


  5. Madsies says:

    Stunning indeed. πŸ˜€ Great click! (Y)


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