I walked there in the yard
at the stroke of midnight
Barefoot over the dewy grass,
Smoking in the moonlight
The sky is crowded with clouds
In alien, indecipherable runes, but
I don’t care
I know
Some place, somewhere
You’re standing
Under the same moon…

© CM

The sky is a fantasy come to life tonight, with vibrant blue and green halos wrapped around a pale, pale moon. =)


6 thoughts on “Runes

  1. webbzephyr says:

    Beautiful sentiment! I love the image of the “alien, indecipherable runes.”


  2. chimerapoet says:

    moonstruck, love it


  3. Madsies says:

    Moon, the moon. We are the people of the moon. Beautiful! The capture is very cool too. ❤


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