Color Blind


Color blind

You walked into my life
And threw the windows of my mind wide open
I’d been sitting in the dark
in there for so long
With the light you brought
I realized
My head was a riot of colors
Behind my eyes
Rainbows everywhere
An explosion of mirrors
I was just seeing myself wrong

I had been color blind
And you made me see
All the colors
Inside of me

© CM

I think I’ve been seeing it all wrong.

I’ve been staring for so long into darkness, imagining how empty my world will be without you in it, making faces at me every day. At the risk of sounding dramatic, I know I can’t bear to live that way. Not this deep in.

But then I looked at everything we’ve given each other. Everything you’ve given me. And there’s the tiniest chance that we might be able to reconnect our broken rainbow again, somewhere down the years. And that’s good enough.

I can live with the colors we made.

7 thoughts on “Color Blind

  1. Sand says:

    I really like the poem but I like your addendum even better. Even shattered rainbows are beautiful, my dear. Keep your eyes focused on the beauty.


  2. Chatty Owl says:

    You sound happy! Positive! In love! Im happy for you, dear! Stay happy and dont forget to smile no matter what!


  3. Madsies says:

    Sweet. As colourful as the picture! 😀


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