Sometimes, a valve stops working
As it should, inside your heart
Blood flows backwards
With time, a murmur starts
The heart cannot process
Even the minute excess
And it quietly shudders
Two sounds, followed by two more,
In an audible murmur

I used to be able
to pump words out
With age, my arteries have hardened
With gradual deposits
Of bitterness
My valves too
Have thickened
It still flows out on paper, but
Dredges are left behind
Some words simply refuse to leave
The abyss of my mind

They circulate, just back and forth
Colliding with each other
A thrombus in my thoughts
that rattles
Even in silence, I hear

the murmur

© CM


One thought on “Murmur

  1. Madsies says:

    That’s a beautiful comparison! Absolutely love it. “Thrombus of thoughts”. Bravo! ❤


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