Cold – II

Cold – II

Here I was thinking
That we were free
To say
Whatever we wanted to say

But you proved me wrong
At the end of the day

I believed in our honesty
So I confessed
Even when i wept
I knew, with the certainty of death
Our understanding would
Never fail

And you declared me
Emotional blackmail



10 thoughts on “Cold – II

  1. Sand says:

    We are never really that free to speak. Those with whom we interact have sore spots and blind spots and spots so thick with callus that they cannot feel a thing. And the more we love them the more carefully we tread. Eventually we learn what areas to avoid with what person. With some we can share our anger, with some our sorrow, with some our worry. All those facets and more and not all of them will mesh with one single person. We have to spread our hearts over many in order to be able to say everything.

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  2. PapaBear says:

    With some people they only want you to say what they want to hear !

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  3. Madsies says:

    Distasteful. Hugs Cookie!


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