Sloth – Seven Sins #2

Seven Sins #2


Lazy waves of consciousness
Tempt my shores
Calling us out, siren like,
To the deep
To be realized
To be dashed against the floor
Join the wrecks there
We will not move

Carved into the mountainsides
Within walls of immobilization
Your name and mine
-We are held in time-
We could age together, but we don’t
Because you won’t
Lassitude runs thicker than air
Through your lungs
And resignation
Has silenced
My tongue

Accompanied, yet abandoned
I am fixed beside you
The world keeps revolving
We lay aloof

You live in my rib cage
Like I live
In the bones of the earth
I hold a planet of thought in me
And I will not move

© CM

300th post on the blog. I believe that calls for 300 hugs!!!! Thank you guys so much! 😀 😀


6 thoughts on “Sloth – Seven Sins #2

  1. That’s very creative piece of writing.. the last paragraph is awesome. Congratulations for the 300th 🙂


  2. Madsies says:

    Kudos. And 300 hugs. And one more. Amazing poem! ❤ I'm a big fan. 😀


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