Road to Nowhere – II

Road to Nowhere – II

I’m tired
And I want to go home
My heart’s been hurting
Ever so long
I can’t keep walking on
Because now
my feet hurt too
I just want to go home
To you

But I’m walking in circles
And I’m scared
How will I find my way home
To you
On the road to nowhere?



7 thoughts on “Road to Nowhere – II

  1. PapaBear says:

    Old lexicon: “Once you leave, you can never go home”. It isn’t now and never will be the same as it was before. It may seem familiar, but now you’re a stranger there, Welcome, yes, but an outsider, a visitor, just the same. Been there and done that enough times to know.

    This is more my style…
    “Show me the way to go home…, I’m tired an’ I wanna go to bed….
    Had a little drink ’bout an hour ago, an’ it went right to my head.
    No matter where I roam, on the land, in the air, or on the foam.
    You’ll always hear me singin’ this song…, show me the way t’ go home”.
    …..peace and contentment are, a lot of times, a better destination than “home”, or Love. Most often the idea of passionate, romantic love is just that – an idea – and not a reality that you can hold on to for long.

    OK, I’m rambling…, so sue me !!! 🙂 Good night, Cookie. ~xo~

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  2. Virginia says:

    This is about how I am feeling right now..

    Off to bed. Time for a much needed break.

    I hope YOU are doing well….. ❤

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  3. Madsies says:

    Scary. Great writ!


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