Four Letter Word



Four Letter Word


I always found
Romance novels
A little nauseating
Sugary syllables, sweet
Saccharine confessions
Vaguely sickening

Nothing like the real thing

The real thing
Is fragrant, flamboyant
An overwhelming deluge
Like I bit into a rose and
swallowed fire, confused
And pained and delirious
A four dimensional world
Compressed between both of us
A four letter word
I could spend forever
From me and you
The real thing
Enclosed in your arms, lying here
I’ll never want anything more
When I’ll have you

We could write books of our own
But wordless, with meanings expansive
And unknown
How could a flimsy novel
Tell me what Love is?
When I know you, and I know






Of late my posts have been rather frenzied and scattered. The sheer number of ‘likes’ and ‘reblogs’ has been amazing. I just want to thank everyone who’s commented and liked and reblogged and followed. You guys are so freaking awesome that you make me feel awesome by association. Thank you!! ❤ 


Lotsa cookies,

Cookie ❤ 


One thought on “Four Letter Word

  1. Madsies says:

    A six letter word for the four letter poem. Lovely!


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