Cold – III

Cold- III

There is death
In lifeless emancipation
In cold, blue lips and
Clouded eyes
That see into the farthest reach
Of nowhere- there is death there

In rot
The sweet, sweet smell of decay that
Overpowers you
In graying, yellowing skin
In shriveling, in bloating
In a rictus mask, a grimace
Locked in an eternal stare
There is death there

Where the chest will not whisper of air
No, the heartbeats have long unpaired
This is death, we know
Anyone can see
But there is too a passing
Of the mind
Where Hope is overtaken, over time
By agony
Being alone
Being left alone

It permeates the stilled veins
Just as easily

You cannot see
No one can see
But I fear
I hold that death
Inside of me

© CM


7 thoughts on “Cold – III

  1. PapaBear says:

    We all hold death inside of us, Cookie. It’s up to us to decide to fear it or accept its presence. I used to fear it when I was younger and less wise, but now I know it walks with me every day, and one day I must walk with it. I’ve seen it more than I will admit to many, with every session of v-tach or v-fib that I had or the sudden death event, and most recently the cardiac storm and the eventual transplant. It was always there. It just wasn’t my time to walk its path. I know, you probably weren’t aiming for this type of commentary…., and I’m rambling, as I’ve been accused of doing much too often. Love to ya, darlin’ girl. Big hug!


    • You’re not rambling and I defy anyone to accuse you of anything! *insert fierce expression here* :p You’re absolutely right, though. I heard just a few days ago about an acquaintance’s younger sibling who passed away at just 17. He contracted a small infection when out at his farmhouse and it ballooned out of control. It’s really staggering to think how much I’ve escaped, when the poor child paid with his life for such a trivial accident. When it’s time, it is time. When it’s not, it just isn’t. I suppose I’m rambling now, lol. Big hugs to you too! Sunday morning’s should start with hugs. It’s there in the rule book! :p


  2. Sand says:

    It is our constant companion, my dear. We can never escape for the very reason you have given: it lies within each of us. Despite every reason to do otherwise, I’m ‘raging against the coming of the night’. I have to go. I don’t have to go quietly. Luvya, sweetie.


  3. ohellino says:

    This one is like what I try to do. Nice work.


  4. Madsies says:



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