Ascension -I-



10 thoughts on “Ascension -I-

  1. J.T.O'Sullivan says:

    Superb! Such depth and meaning ❤ Well 'liked' 🙂


  2. chimerapoet says:

    I don’t know a word big enough to describe all the feels……’awesome’ I suppose, is a start. WOW.


  3. PapaBear says:

    Spiderwebs are only that strong for the spiders who build them, Cookie. You never were a spider. 🙂


    • That makes me think.. Are our dreams only as strong as the person dreaming them?


      • PapaBear says:

        Well, they’re our dreams, and we have to be ready to work toward them…, but with the realization that not ALL dreams come true. Dream big. Work hard…, and maybe a few of them will come to reality. Pick the ones that you can achieve. Sometimes, along the path, someone else’s dream may coincide with yours. That’s when the magic begins…, just when you’re not expecting it ! 😉


      • I will hold on to that, and keep hoping, an working too! 🙂 megahugs, Papabear. ❤


  4. Madsies says:

    Wohoo! I do remember this picture now. Lovely! Sad though.


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