I was a wonder
A powerful, strong, raging
Force of nature
Inspiring and inspired
Beautiful and terrible
I knew my place, I was
incapable of falling
I rebelled and reveled
in self destruction
But darling
You turned me inside out
Smashed your way through my head
Mauled my heart, and ate it raw
Just left me here for dead

Painted in the depravity
Of a smiling, open chest cavity
Living hollow
I walk
through the world
And I still miss you, with all
the missing pieces
I loved you, but
You reduced me, to being

© CM


4 thoughts on “Cavitation

  1. Virginia says:

    My story too. But time has passed…and I have put those broken bits together…and now I look at myself and I like me. A lot. Even better then before.

    I thought I would never heal. I thought I would never move on. People said I would. I thought they knew nothing. It took a lot of effort. Working on myself. It took time. It always takes time. But the unexpected outcome was a more confident and happier me.

    Leave the dark in the past. Lift up your beautiful face and go towards all the is good and full of light…where you belong.

    *RAH RAH* 😉 ❤


  2. PapaBear says:

    And if you submit yourself to being “just another broken girl” , you let him win again ! You’re stronger than that. C’mon, girl…., he’s the loser in all of this !!!

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  3. “Like” button pushed…HATE button throbbing against this sort of person, this, this…and we don’t even know the same people, that is what makes it so sick.

    Don’t give up, love…I cannot say that it feels better, cus some days I do, and some days it’s worse…but being able to make it thru a day and say “I am still here you F**CKING BASTARD”…at least that is something that is mine, forever.

    my will.

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  4. Madsies says:

    Soon, the broken pieces will all fit together. Don’t give up.


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