I tried, you know
I really tried to die
But I’m still stuck in life
Looking for something that fits
other than ‘rife’ and ‘strife’
‘Cause those rhyme, and perfectly
And both those words do suit me
I don’t want them, though
They’re overused, overwrought, I know
So many more
I need so many more
This one’s a rather long

So yeah

I tried to die, it didn’t work
(yet again) I’m trapped in this
I am destined, I’m meant to live
Endure the world, to breathe, to cry
I’m meant to suffer till I die
But that’s not so bad, I think I see
There are roads ahead of me
Riddled with potholes, I will fall
again, and again, (and rhyme it with
Through it all)
It’s like this-
We may not be
Walking the same road, you and me
Hand in hand or arm in arm
(And rhyme it with ‘through safety and harm)
We will, although, walk side by side
You walked in and walked through my life
for a reason
And I’ll take that
as a lesson

Maybe some day, our paths will blend
into one
Till then,
there’s so much to be done
Oceans to travels, mountains to climb
(Thanks to you, I have Kilimanjaro on my mind)
Beers to discover and octopuses to find
(hmm.. octopi? Anyway, I digress)
It’s doable; difficult, yes
but possible – and better yet
Even if we walk side by side
our different paths, you’re still mine
and I’m still yours, that won’t change
-Not ever
I have you, and you have me
And that’s good enough, really
We’ll find routine, we’ll find adventure
Do whatever we can, wherever

Even if we’re not holding hands
Side by side is still together








One thought on “Kilimanjaro

  1. Madsies says:

    That’s good hope towards the end. Keep it. 🙂


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