The Science of It

The Science of It

I did what you said
Drowned my feelings in science
In explaining signs
Reduced the fact
Of my existence
Into blood, fiber, and bone
To mechanics alone
So that my hands are only
prehensile structures
My eyes only visual organs, I see
That sodium and potassium, not feelings,
Perpetuate me

I am ion channels and pathways
That fibrous tissue and alveoli
Not you
Hold the air I breathe

I summarized myself
In theory and figures,
Instead of
truth and lies
I wish that what you took away
Could be simply replaced
By Valium or Xanax
Or Statins or Propranolol
Or Glimiperide

But when my heart contracts
There’s still more than muscle fibers
Shrinking inside

© CM

4 thoughts on “The Science of It

  1. PapaBear says:

    Beautiful job of writing, Cookie. Now I’d like to see something happy that would make everyone smile. I know you can do it. You used to do it all the time !!! Humungeous Hug ! 🙂


  2. LOVE THIS!! Science is just a word. Used to stiff arm us from ourselves.

    There are things that are. Science is just a description of some of the ones we can perceive thru a few senses and then we play with them like easy bake ovens and call it a banquet! lol


  3. Madsies says:



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