Internal Disarray


Internal Disarray

When you went away
I was left with total
Internal disarray
So I poured my energies
Into looking inside
(At my insides)
Examined organs, myriad functions
The histology of each cell
The hostility with which they repel
Inevitable end
I tried to mimic the trend
Of flourishing, of growth
Failed miserably on both counts
As it turns out
I’m a glorious specimen
Of organic life
But for reasons unphysical
Unchemical, illogical
And pitifully, clinically visible
I’m incomplete without you

Isn’t that quizzical?

’The Science of Love and Separation’

© CM


5 thoughts on “Internal Disarray

  1. Ah, so broken and relatable. Loved the concept of looking inside, you described it well.


  2. And your insides are your outside
    So you decides to make it good
    With the internal disarray
    Like eating Christmas Pud
    (Too much not good for you!)


  3. Madsies says:

    Great writ.


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