I could lie here for centuries, in
this water,
and never wash away
the patterns you traced onto my skin

the places your lips have touched
the lines of kisses down my neck,
leading into the unknown
-the indents your teeth have left
the way your hands span the
small of my back
the smell of you- oh Lord, the very fragrance of your presence
it just reinforces why I
can’t get enough
I don’t need a mirror to see, that
You’ve marked me as yours

I’ve loved you gloriously,
unassumingly, effortlessly
In madnesses shamans could not decipher
In reason that reason cannot comprehend
– I gave up trying to understand
how, or why you could be this way
this half,
this completing part of me
you just are, and I’m happy loving you
Gloriously, quietly, wordlessly, flagrantly
meltingly, achingly,
Content on being possessed
with you, content on just being
I could lie for centuries,
and never wash away
the patterns
you traced
my skin

© CM

Happy New Year, you amazing, amazing people.

Sending you bucketload of love and cookies

– Cookie ❤

15 thoughts on “Within

  1. globalunison says:

    Happy New Year, Cookie !! :))
    How much I love your work and am so happy to come across your blog.

    Beat Wishes,

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  2. daslater2013 says:

    Such an Amazing piece from you sweet Cookie ❤
    Love it 🙂

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  3. chimerapoet says:

    happiest of new years to you cookie . peace, j. xo

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  4. Virginia says:

    Wow! This piece blew me away. Just wow!!

    Happy New Year to you! And I mean it. 2015 will be great. Be ready for it. And yes, please…I will take those cookies. Yum 🙂

    Smoochy Poochy xo

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  6. Here is what I love about this: it is like a Psalm to me, and I have now read it outloud to Mama and Jesus as my love-poem from my heart…it is as if you touched my heart for Them and then wrote it down so my mind could know what my heart sings.

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  7. Madsies says:



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