If I Was a Chick


If I Was a Chick

It wouldn’t work
if I was a chick
None of this would stick
I’d want roses and candles
Moonlight walks
and dates
Rhapsodizing about the fates
And being star crossed lovers
It’d all be over the top
Red and gold and pink lollipops
Cherry gloss and high heels
And enough drama
To make both of us sick
It wouldn’t work
If I was a chick

But Im not

Which is why I fell
For cursing, better’n a sailor’s whore
Laughing out loud
Midnight beers, shooting creeps
and more
Pestering you for hugs
Admiring Mirana’s jugs
(I know you like ’em)
Moonlight walks and stolen kisses
Watching Bruce Willis
shoot em up
Drinking vodka and orange
Out of tea cups

But that’s the surface

Below it lies
support, and help
Love isn’t what you tell
As often as you do
And you
Do everything
You bring me
Peace, and quiet- the quiet of mind
That I struggled day and night to find
And you never say anything
Anything at all
How could I not fall
For you?
At the cost of frills, I found substance
It makes perfect sense
I found a best friend, to give my heart to

You amazing, incredible, silly man
I found you


Aaahhhh, yes. Public declaration of love, as much as it might embarrass you. There you go. I love you. :p


Cookie ❤


9 thoughts on “If I Was a Chick

  1. globalunison says:

    This was such a cute poem and a very unexpected one too, Cookie! I loved how you end it. I am actually a big fan of how you make an impact with the bold and strong ending (which makea sense every single time).
    Keep Writing ❤

    Much love,


  2. Madsies says:

    So lovable. 😀


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