Messages Off a Cigarette -XXXIII-



3 thoughts on “Messages Off a Cigarette -XXXIII-

  1. Ummm…YES PLEASE!

    love this poem…cus of course there is the “romantic” side, which is long settled in my life…

    …but it is the other side of this poem, the “impossible” side…for one such as I it applies first and foremost me speaking to myself…and then me speaking to people who might be kind enough to be the friend of a “freak”, and discover that I am just a person, in a body, just like them except my person and body are in the more unusual category of differing from one another like night and day.

    maybe I am 24 hours: 11 of day, 11 of night, and 2 that happen to mingle, linger…

    so glad to have connected souls, luv…so glad

    blessings and healings to you
    ‘Rissa ❤


  2. Madsies says:

    Hope so. 🙂


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