Awash -III-

Awash -III-

I hide purple in my hair
And amber in my eyes
Silent blue veins run beside
Noisy red ones
Under peaches and milky brown
The green of a new leaf
The blue of midnight,
The white of bone
And the gray of impassable stone

I’m all of them, and none at all

I am a color of my own



12 thoughts on “Awash -III-

  1. globalunison says:

    I am all of them and none at all,
    I am a color of my own.

    I loved how you played with colors in all three parts! I also loved how you call yourself rainbow for just one person who knows you truly in the first part! Your poetry is very inspiring, Cookie ❤



  2. daslater2013 says:

    All three are splendid reading Cookie 🙂
    My favourite would have to be Awash III ❤


  3. YEAH COOKIE!!! Your confidence is growing along with your blossoming beauty. I see it in what you don’t say.

    Really, really strong one, this! Beautiful, spare without being sparse. Brief beauty, like an eye blinking slow and deliberate, and then gone.

    Love this, and soo honored to be along for the journey! I am watching a “baby poetess” grow up into a Glorious Swan Poet.

    Love, Charissa


    • Oh my god, I love that analogy! Why are we both thinking about eyes today, hmm? Synchronicity is in the air, love.

      And lol!! That is adorable, but I’m afraid I’m not a swan in any way, lol. Although I have been compared to a duck wayyyyy too many times… >.> (my sister even calls me Duckie, cause she says I quack when I laugh.. Even my best friend told me that! Quack quack quack!)

      But you, you’re always going to treat me like a swan, even if I were the ugliest lil duckling alive- cause you’re just a doll like that, aren’t you? You’re always double grace, Charissa grace, whether I’m screaming my way to the top of the roller coaster, or screaming my way down- you’re always grace. ❤

      Love to you too!!!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sweetie, read my blog and know this horror of a body I have been called to animate for Grace sake… And then receive your Swan! ‘Rissa Roo ALWAYS sez true! Hey, if I can, so can YOU! ☺ 💞 👱

      Blessings always, always Grace unto you my friend.


  4. Madsies says:



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