My image is a web
Of silent lies
I hide in plain sight- that
Lack of disguise
Is my guise
But if you can see the words
Between my words
See how the innocence masks
A heart of cinders and smoke
Then maybe,
Just maybe I’ll let you
read the secrets
In my eyes

‘Messages off a Cigarette’



12 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. Lovely!
    But how do we know that someone like that exists before we allow them to look into our eyes?


  2. georgetteann says:

    Beautifully written!


  3. PapaBear says:

    This was you, Cookie, and it was real…, and I liked it. …xo


  4. The risk, if we see with heart eyes, is only in whether or not we and they will both have the courage to be true to what is seen.

    Seeing falsely is cowardice, because we fear loneliness so we cleave to someone near, overlooking what we see and pretending we don’t.

    Seeing true…and then living falsely is laziness, because staying true against the wishes of our lower nature’s desires is freaking work! It is not moral or immoral, it is just hungry.

    Seeing true, and living true is not a risk…it is merely work! Work…in the light when we can see with eyes…work…in the night when we see with heart and walk in trust.

    So, my dear Cookie girl…now is the time to simply let go of the reins of the past and let that horse gallop back up into the canyons of history. You are knowing what you don’t want and this is the mirror for what you DO want…so live by those things, and soon another horse will trot out of the wilds and will know your clicks and whistles, and you will know its knickers and snorts and your hearts will see…

    …and if you have both done your work, you will have the properly calloused hands and the vigorous hearts and the awareness of your tools to weed and farrow and furl the soil and harvest the crops…

    (Whoa…were the F did all that last bit come from??? Ah well, you know your weirdie heart Charissa, so it will stand as is! lol)


  5. Madsies says:

    🙂 ❤


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