There were nights
When the moon was full
The sky was oceans behind the stars
Aeons of answers
Trapped in morse code
The cricket’s song
Was the meaning of life
Understood only
By those who know
There were nights
When the richness of the world

Senses alight, I could bloom
Like a wisp, like mist,
I flew to fall
And fly again
Into the speaking dark
Unfettered, unafraid
Uncaught, unbound
Trapped in a person
I was just the sea
And the tides made me feel
But now I see
The tides were just ripples
Within revolutions

There is a universe
Inside me



16 thoughts on “Oceans

  1. chazgee221 says:

    wow, how very beautiful .. methinks there are galaxies inside you .. ❤


  2. ohellino says:

    Great work. Very nice…..


  3. chimerapoet says:

    stunning write cookie


  4. less is indeed more…you’re finding Polaris blazes within as the clouds part


  5. PapaBear says:

    One of the best you’ve written for a while, Cookie. The last part of it says it all ! Great job !!! HUGS !!!!!!!!! 🙂


  6. Virginia says:

    Damn! Just Damn!! Excuse my…whatever..but DAMN!!

    This is good! I love it so much!! I hope all is going well with you, beautiful and intelligent woman 🙂 xo ❤


  7. Madsies says:

    And what comes out of your universe is amazing. 😀


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