Rape- Is This Never Going To Stop?

A nun gets raped inside a convent.

A 72 year old nun, gets brutally gangraped, inside a convent.

I wonder how all the people- the dickheads and the self righteous idiots and the politicians who say that rape is something women bring upon themselves- I wonder how they’re going to justify this one.

Was she dressed too provocatively? Was it her carelessness? Did she get too drunk or too wasted and decide to walk home half naked? Did she lead the men on and then refuse? Was she a tease who deserved it, who was asking for it?

A nun.

A 72 year old nun.

Inside a fucking convent.

I don’t buy the religion argument. This is not a communal attack. She wasn’t punished for being too Christian. She was, sadly enough, a woman- that is her crime. That is the only thing anyone can hold the poor woman accountable for. Being a woman. A woman who was victimized, brutalized by those animals.

The arguments that are going to follow are going to be the same things everyone said the last time, and the time before that. They condemn the attack. Women’s rights groups will clamor for a while and quickly be pacified and silenced with promises. Someone’s going to blame religious activists, someone’s going to blame porn, yak yak yak, same things over and over again.

But here’s the thing. A nun got raped inside a convent. A house of God, where she spent years of her life doing nothing but serve. And it’ll happen again, to some school girl. Some woman walking home. Someone, someone, someone.

And no one will change one goddamn fucking thing.


20 thoughts on “Rape- Is This Never Going To Stop?

  1. What they did was an absolute disgrace and I hope above hope that the men get caught.


  2. I have similar views. I wrote a piece on the Indian gang rape. See my views at https://danumedawatte.wordpress.com/


  3. andy1076 says:

    sick twisted nutjobs, seriously the punishment needs to be increased, to a point where any man would fear such a cowardly act.


  4. chimerapoet says:

    I hit like, but only in support and affirmation of what you posted. I do not like it….I despise it. But even more I despise the people who allow it. Thankfully there are people like you Cookie – with strong words and a strong stand to keep bringing this, kicking and screaming if need be, into the public eye. RAPE IS WRONG. period. Stop looking for loopholes or blame. Its a horrible barbaric act. Start screaming it from the rooftops. Thank you for a hardhitting post. Keep at it.


  5. lengesinski says:

    These rapist(s) are lowlifes that are bent on hurting and harming others.


  6. No cookie…it cannot stop! Any more than water can help freezing when it gets under 0 degrees or evaporating when it gets over 100…our paradigm demands this. The patriarchy with its bloodstained iron teeth and rusty flesh encrusted claws.

    Until we are willing to change that, until men are willing to recognize what this paradigm does to the rest of us while it empowers them and are willing to give that up for us…then it will never change.

    It feels pretty good to be privileged and to simultaneously sit and decry the actions of lowlifes and animals while comforting one’s self with the belief that since they “would never do that” then it is just a sad fact of life committed by monsters…

    No. It cannot stop in this world, any more than the Aztec system could stop tearing the hearts out of innocents by the thousands on a daily basis.

    I spent 5 decades in men’s spaces, completely flummoxed, astonished, and frustrated at what I saw and heard, and it is there that true transformation must begin, for I never met one man who was good for the sake of goodness! Not one.

    Every single male I met was good for what he could get by being “good”…whether it was money, position, or “pussy” (that is what we are to them, if you scratch deeper under the surface of their social veneer…we are something to be fucked for their pleasure or hunger, we are something to “be hit” (again for pleasure or release of anger, not that there is that much difference).

    Sorry Cookie…these words deviate from my usual grace-oriented and edifying flow, but this is the brutal fact. The paradigm is a blood-thirsty demon, specifically for the blood of women and it is utterly ruthless and without mercy.

    Men will read this and think I am a man-hater…they will be wrong, and like every single man I have met my entire life, will know nothing about me and above all have no idea how deeply I love men, pity men, weep for them as they are shaped from lil humans into big monsters or fat cats at leisure and drunk on our blood.


    • I dunno, Charissa. I’m not a man hater either, just.. A monster hater. I believe that men can be good. Truly good. I know enough men who walk like saints in the guise of humans, just as I know monsters disguised as men. The extent to which the latter can go is stunning though. Especially since they are the majority.

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      • I think a careful reading of my post will reveal hatred of a paradigm, its results, and the product, not men as a group or individually, according to their choice of becoming.

        But when we fall back on the “not all men” reflexive defense, we miss the vital deadly truth that this paradigm DOES endanger all men and infects the majority… Yes even the so-called good ones.

        Very few are fish who know they are in water


  7. AnElephant agrees with your sentiments and wishes more power to your pen.
    Such atrocities are indefensible, and horrific to any right-minded person.
    He agrees much less with Ms Charissagrace above..


  8. Madsies says:

    Sad indeed. Heal the world..


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