A Little Talk

A Little Talk

I struggle with words
-no, it’s true
I’m verbose, loquacious and
You don’t like me saying it
Because the other ways of
Conveying it
Suit you
And sometimes, it feels strange
To have a love, that can’t bear to hear
It’s own name
To acknowledge its own existence
Sometimes, I wonder if it’s shame
Or pride
Or indifference
None of this makes much sense now
But the hesitation that hits
When I swallow the words down?
Kicks my heart aground
A little bit deeper every time

Speaking isn’t our thing, I guess
I’ll just stick to rhymes



7 thoughts on “A Little Talk

  1. chazgee221 says:

    you are better with words than anyone I know but I understand the sheer inadequacy of words even with poets like us who traffic in words .. love you Cookie ❤


  2. amirascribbles says:

    Hi there, this is amazing!!! I have some poems if you fancy checking them out here: https://amirascribbles.wordpress.com/poems/
    Thanks, Amira 🙂


  3. Madsies says:

    That’s sad. But a great writ. I’m so happy to be back. 🙂


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