I don’t know what he did
Just that there was a moment
When the streetlights raced across our faces
As we drove downhill
And I turned to look at his face
Staring absentmindedly at the road
And he did something, in that moment

I don’t know what he did
But he crippled my words
I remember thinking
Oh God, I really love him
And weighing those words
In the balance of the rest of my life
the magnitude of that realization hit me
Taking my breath away

I don’t know what he did
But while I lay here in bed
I’m still wandering
Somewhere on that wordless road
Where I loved him



5 thoughts on “Road

  1. PapaBear says:

    Definitions: (mine)
    Love: a permanent feeling that you share with someone so special that life has no meaning without them. It has some ups and downs, but lasts forever…, no exceptions.

    In Love: A passing fascination with looks or some other form of attraction that will eventually pass when you really get to know what the other side is all about. Normally, it’s just an impetuous reaction. It’s something that you can live without. It has too many flaws to permit it to be real “love”.

    What you wrote was nice and an enjoyable read, Cookie. Hugs !!!.


  2. chazgee221 says:

    amazing, just amazing…


  3. Madsies says:


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