He Brought Me Flowers

He Brought Me Flowers

He brought me flowers
Left them on my bedside
So that when I woke up
In the morning, and
Rubbed my bleary eyes
I got a facefull of roses
Red and white and velvety
and gloriously a-shine
He brought flowers for me
Next to a small card that said
In his scrawl
The roses are yours, but remember
You’re mine

He could’ve left a grocery list, for
All I care
I was too busy being
Ridiculously happy
Oh, did I mention
He brought flowers for me?



6 thoughts on “He Brought Me Flowers

  1. globalunison says:

    Hah — I loved this! ❤
    What touched me deep down was 'the roses are yours but you are mine'.



  2. Madsies says:

    “The roses are yours, but rememeber
    You’re mine” ❤ A pleasant treat.


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