The Buddha Again

The Buddha Again

I saw the Buddha in a rock
I didn’t want to stop, but he smiled
So I got off to say hi
Stood in the waving wheat,
At his feet, for a while
But we weren’t alone
So he went back to pretending
That he was stone
With his
Slanted eyes looking down
to four stories below
Looking around, granite faced
Placid, mellow
Roughly hewn features
Carved by the wind
He didn’t seem to mind
He was Buddha in a rock, in the sunlight
He was enlightened



5 thoughts on “The Buddha Again

  1. chazgee221 says:

    stone cold Buddha, the best kind


  2. Madsies says:

    Nice writ.


  3. daslater2013 says:

    Simple and charming ❤️


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