Forget Me Not

Forget Me Not

Long ago, I knew a man
He believed in me
Saw things, indescribable things
That I did not see
Saw wildness and magic
He saw beauty
Saw a goddess of the moonshine, silver
Opalescent and pale
He followed me, collecting my teardrops
He followed me down muddy trails

Up rocky paths where I ran
-I was used to the pain
But he cut his feet
He stained his hands
And still he smiled, sweet
And complacent as ever
Wavering never from that
Endless devotion
I was a fairy he’d caught
And he’d erased all other thought
He loved me, so he lost
All other emotion

But I didn’t believe his fantasy
I walked in the grey lines of reality
He hurt his dreams by scattering them where I’d step
Crush them
Carefully or carelessly
And in doing so
He hurt me
And the blood stained the facade
Spoilt the picture, it wouldn’t congeal
He saw, he finally saw
That I wasn’t real

And it broke his world
– I broke his world
Because in the end he saw
I really was just a girl
I yearned to be taken off that pedestal
To laugh, to love, to ache, to weep
And he could not reconcile me
With the vision he’d built
So painstakingly

Long ago I knew a man
A man who loved me, though
My love was his pain
But in the nights when I walk
In moonlit trails again
I look over my shoulder, in vain
And I miss him so
Oh, I miss him so…


Long ago, I knew someone who sent me this song, and told me that this is how they felt about me. And I’m sorry, I still am, that I never felt the same way about you. I’m sorry that I was just a normal girl, in the end.

If you still stop by to read, A, I’m sorry we’re not friends anymore. Despite how badly and how strangely things ended, I miss my favorite ginger.

8 thoughts on “Forget Me Not

  1. chimerapoet says:

    just felt my heart melt and break at the same time. pure golden words cookie xo


  2. Long but Sweet. Good Job!


  3. PapaBear says:

    Absolutely wonderful, Cookie. You hit dis one outa da park !!!
    Big Hug !!!!! 🙂


  4. Madsies says:

    How wonderful and sad. ❤


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