A Glass Past Midnight

A Glass Past Midnight

Sitting alone, in the dark
Twisted in thoughts, thinking, thinking,
Cigarette after cigarette
keeps burning,
I’m not even aware
Of their passing, except for
The flash of surprise
With yet another flare

Alone in the dark, under a blank sky,
Tonight, even God doesn’t care

My mind aches for whiskey
So much that it hurts me
Throat already stinging
In anticipation
Of the impending
self immolation
And I would reach for the nearest
Bottle, for a refill
If I truly believed
That it would save me
But at the bottom of my empty heart,
And my empty glass,
I know

I can fill the spirits up again
And again
But there’s no ‘up’ left
For my spirit to go



4 thoughts on “A Glass Past Midnight

  1. chazgee221 says:

    love you Cookie .. you are far and away more than amazing …


  2. Madsies says:

    That’s agonising. You better run, I’m coming after you to give you a dinosauraus-tic ginormous hug. :*


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