8 thoughts on “Purity

    • hey, thanks! Wasn’t seriously painting, but ah well. 🙂

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      • ohellino says:

        You should seriously consider not seriously painting more often. That’s what I should try actually. I’m always sitting there with all these ideas of greatness then I go to paint and it’s like smeeaaaarrr whhooops. Shit! Lol. I just pictured myself crumpling up a big canvas and throwing it in a trash can.


      • Haha lol, once upon a time, I used to seriously paint. Oils, easels, the whole shebang. The last thing I did was this 3×2 big one of horses running through the surf. Then my dad had a spree of sorts and ripped it up. Kind of stopped everything after that, except the odd doodle.

        Even now, I don’t think I can seriously paint. Just playing with the colors feels right. Serious painting requires a lot of dedication, and I tend to lose patience with the smears too. :p :p

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  1. Madsies says:

    Ah, Interesting.


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