Hot Chocolate

Love is a beautiful glow to carry around inside of you.

It’s like this concoction of secret smiles inside your head that no one else needs to see, spreading warmth like a mug full of hot chocolate filling you up, and a reason to feel curiously satisfied, even in an otherwise complicated and wholly unsatisfying life.


The undeniable honesty underlying it all only makes it better. It feels right, your gut knows and heart affirms and your mind cannot argue with it it either. Sure, it makes some of our promises bittersweet, but they’re honest- and nothing’s more important than that. Let’s face it. Friendship, loyalty, honesty, these have become almost bookish concepts amidst the otherwise mask like interactions we make on a daily basis. To be able to take that mask off to someone, without fear or vulnerability of any ugliness you may feel… I can’t think of anything more valuable. And happiness is relative. It exists within those three parameters. And they all come together to make up that small, overused and undervalued four letter word.

I wonder how much of a sap it makes me, even by my own cynical and pragmatic definitions of life and togetherness. More significantly, I don’t care, somehow. We may have our oscillations, I may have my oscillations, but something as beautiful as this, happens only once in a lifetime- if at all, for some people. It doesn’t matter, how many places you look for it. You can look all you want but one day, when you gave up looking long ago, you realize that you simply weren’t looking– it’s been sitting there between the both of you. And then you sleep feeling loved and wake up knowing that you are loved.

Time and place and distance and circumstance, all become very inconsequential.

You love, therefore you are.

We love, therefore we are.

~Cookie ❤


3 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate

  1. J.T.O'Sullivan says:

    Beautifully elaborated. To explain the unexplainable, a thing of true beauty 🙂


  2. Madsies says:


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