Class Act

Class Acts

The thing about gatherings of class
Is that emotion is a vulgar beast
Bursting into laughter is inappropriate
Hooting with joy, even more yet,
Like gorging yourself sick, at a feast
Even though a buffet can’t be beat
It’s a thoroughly exasperating venture
To sail daintily past the chicken wings, to
Food that won’t stain the gloved finger
To caress a champagne flute softly
Suggestively even, though it’s bitter
The facade of satin wrapped elegance- utterly
Vapid, to the knowing eye
Rapidly tasteless, although
That could just be the pate dipped
Asparagus spears, or
The leering mirrors
But the silver filigree lining to
The ballooning dark velvet cloud
Is that he’s just as restless, in his
Sculpted smoking jacket
Effortlessly puling it off but
Without a doubt
My soulmate smiles comfortingly
Supportively, across the table
To him my mask is completely
Let the evening be resigned to
Fine dining, idle chatter, and wine
The night is ours, and our hearts,
Will belong to beer.



Cheers :p 


3 thoughts on “Class Act

  1. richardbolger61 says:



  2. Madsies says:

    Humorous and sweet. Cheers!


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