Alpha Male and Subhuman- What Feral Humans Do To Those Around Them

Alpha Male and Subhuman- What Feral Humans Do To Those Around Them
( or, Paradise Lost) 

One of the earliest categorizations I remember making for my father, is subhuman. Animal. With progressive analysis over the years, I’ve come to add insecure alpha male to the list. Which makes me wonder about the male population in general. Are all men, at a certain level, just subhuman males competing to be the alpha?
It sounds slightly ridiculous to put in these exact terms, almost akin to a pack of dogs. But the parallels I’ve seen (with a detached clinical eye, or in retrospect anyway), seem to be nothing more than a feral dog gnawing away on a bone, snarling at any other dogs who come too close. 
That’s actually how he eats. You can’t talk to him while he eats, he tends to snarl in your general direction. Literally stuffs his mouth till it overflows, grains of rice or gravy spilling out, chewing open mouthed. Gnawing on bones, spilling water or tea, wiping his hands on his shirt or on the chair. I learnt very early on to NEVER discuss anything that requires more than monosyllables responses, while eating. If I had the choice, I wouldn’t even eat with him (or live with him, for that matter), but there’s no choice, so it’s unpleasant and unavoidable. Mealtimes are ‘fixed’ in our house. Snacking is allowed at certain times, but once the table has been cleared, you can forget about eating. So it’s eat with him, or go hungry. Go hungry is followed by taunts and unpleasant behavior till the next meal, so it’s just eat with him. Eat with this drooling, feral animal. 

I read in a lot of places that grown up lions kick the young males out of the pride. Other animals also push out any challengers for their authority. This is a running trend in the animal kingdom. In the same way, my father first pushed my brother out of the house, when he grew old enough to stand up to him. As far as us girls were concerned, my sister and mother and me, he employed psychological tactics in addition to simply physically overpowering us. No one can challenge his authority. He is cautious of whoever talks to us, wary that his lifestyle will be given away. The servants are terrified of him. Even us talking to the guards or the chauffeurs sends him into a seething blind rage, which then manifests by pretext of some other reason. Case in point when I told him the chauffeur is an honest man and we had some overtime wages to pay him. He declared that I was conspiring with the chauffeur against him, and now I’m banned from going to tuition in the evenings. Is there a price for honesty, I suppose I’ve paid it. Anyhoodles, it was the fact that I challenged his authority and provoked him, that brought it on. 
Jealous rage. An ego as brittle as chips of ice. Narcissism to the point of self worship, righteousness to the point of bible thumping, pseudo godliness to the point where my house should be declared a shrine, and cunningness that would put lucifer to shame. This is a man who has systematically destroyed our lives, wrecked our personalities, killed our dreams, and left us wishing for nothing, NOTHING more than either our deaths or his. Are all men like this, at some level?
Are all men driven to assert themselves in this way? Is the divide between men and women really that vast? It’s not like I don’t know that there are good men out there. I’m just wondering if they have the same ‘animalistic’ urges too. I do know a lot of exceptional men, as well as seemingly normal men. While I can vouch for the former, I wonder about the latter. 
Because outside the house, my beast of a father is an outstanding man. A pillar of our community. Philanthropic, ambitious, nurturing, god fearing. I wonder, how many of the supposedly good men I know are just that. 
I wonder how many little girls learn what good men truly are, the way I did. I wonder what’s left to learn. 


10 thoughts on “Alpha Male and Subhuman- What Feral Humans Do To Those Around Them

  1. blkkat49 says:

    This is bitingly raw, so honest it’s blinding. It actually left a burning sensation in my stomach to read your words, which project such a harsh and revolting way to live. I will not insult you with saying I feel you, because only those who live this, can feel it. I do sense your compassion, something amazing for you to have. It exudes a strength, that proves the adage, what doesn’t kill us…..I wish I could give you the warmth and love that you so obviously, deserve.


    • On bad days I’m despondent, but on good days I can afford to be clinical about this ‘situation’ we live in. Thank you so much for reading, and your kind words. I know rants can be quite tedious, but I can’t help myself sometimes. Sometimes I think I’ll go quite mad, one of these days. Might as well record what I can before that. :p

      Okay, that part’s slightly in jest, but thank you again. I really appreciate your response. x


  2. J.T.O'Sullivan says:

    This piece actually gave me something real to reflect upon. Thank you for having written it (even if just in rant). It is deeper than any emotion-fuelled piece written on here because it’s real.

    I can emphasise a lot unfortunately. My father also suffers from alpha-male-itis. I wouldn’t even lay a finger on him so I guess my role is predetermined until I have the savings to leave the nest.

    My best to you Cookie x


    • You have no idea how much I hate that you ‘get’ this because of your personal experience. No one deserves to grow up with specimens of alpha-male-itis, as you put it. It’s a completely stifling atmosphere to grow up in. In fact a friend of mine has a similar situation, only that her brother was so enamored with the aura of absolute control that he modeled himself the same way.

      I think we’re better off being betas, than being alphas of this sort. We’d look silly doing the chest thumping bit anyway. :p I hope you can move out soon too, J. All my best to you too. ❤


  3. Madsies says:

    My mind’s in a stir. Well, don’t let one man change your general view. Animalistic urges as you say isn’t everyone. Or at least i’m yet to see. But I have faith and hope. Hugs my Monstah.
    And the tunes of this song are just sadly beautiful.


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