‘Sorrel, that’s the precise color of his hair.’
‘I dunno… Maybe a tad more hazel?’
‘The hell, woman. Have you checked your eyesight?’
‘Okay, okay, calm down. You’re right.’
‘Sorrel’s the word’, Anne reiterated
‘I thought infatuation was?’, Kate smirked
‘Love at first sight, would work’
‘Touched in the head, too’, she agreed
‘You don’t know, he leaves me all weak kneed’
‘Going for the falling into his arms trick then,eh’ Kate sniped
‘Just might’, she considered slowly. ‘Just might…’
‘And what are you two skulking about?’ a third voice said
‘Oh nothing, Liz, Anne’s fallen in love again. With that wretched
New manager, no less’, Kate sniffed.
‘Puh-lease’, Anne drawled, ‘you’re only miffed
Because he shot you down’
‘Not like he went down his knee for you yet’, she threw back
‘And anyway, Sorrel over there lacks
What I look for in men.’
‘Like a capacious wallet’, Anne put in.
‘I’ve planned it out, I’ll bump into him soon
And a few bumps of a different sort will follow
You’ll be singing an entirely different tune’
Anne continued, ‘juuuuust you wait’
Kate snapped nastily, ‘better than what you’ll be swallowing, at any rate.’
‘Hold up- are you discussing Steve?’ Liz asked, amused
‘The new guy in marketing, yeah. How could you confuse
Him with anyone else?’, Anne said, in mock anger
‘He’s my soul mate’- ‘latest soul mate’, Kate interrupted- ‘Ah, whatever.’
‘What’s your problem, Kate? you need to get a freaking life!’
‘So do you actually, Anna, love’. Liz smiled cheekily
‘He has a daughter. And an ex-supermodel wife.’
Day Five! The prompt left me a bit stumped, but then this one came along. Cheers, hey. 😀

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