The Flower (I know, I know..) :p 

Do not begrudge the flower a handful of love A square inch of soil, a fistful of light 

Water it with years if you can, borne of 
Every moment the world grew too dark, or too bright 

Let the shimmering ache take form and break free 

Let the flower take away the burden on your sight 
Watch the bud unfurl, bloom as it smilingly

Eats the pain away- the thorns feed the rose 

Till it blackens and dies, the flower 

Will love you only 

The Flower

Day Eight, and my attempt at Terza Rima. 🙂 i know I should’ve thought of a better title than the completely unoriginal ‘the flower’, but well, it’s been an odd day. 
Cheers, guys ❤ 


One thought on “The Flower (I know, I know..) :p 

  1. Madsies says:

    Well why, the title booms of literary blossom upon reading.


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