Dream Psychology (My Apologies to Freud) 

Dream Psychology (My Apologies to Freud) 
I don’t suppose you could put

The meaning of life in a nutshell

– the meaning of life in a bookshelf, though… 
Seems an entirely plausible venture 

After all, you can only study human anatomy 

Best, in the city of bones 

It’s not even tunnel vision, in 

Keeping with the fundamentals of physics, when 

You focus solely on that, of mice and men

– and what then? 

A treatise of biology? 

The surgeon, the apprentice, the fallacy?

The third twin, the imposter, a philosopher’s stone

Seen through a golem’s eye, a man made of stone 

Lemons and lemonade, defiance 

The Bible, the Quran, and Science

The ideal woman, Karl Marx- a feast for crows 

The art of war, the centaur, and selected prose 

Salome, Wuthering heights, the picture of Dorian grey 

The haunting of Alaizebel cray?

-Whose image can I find? 

What is the sum of these stories,

The damned recollections of all lost

Human kind? 

Nested upon each other, dimensions, ideas 


The meaning of life is hidden here, in this

Wooden house of pomegranates 

Day Ten! Today’s prompt is to make a poem out of the titles on your bookshelf. My apologies for the higgledy-piggledy write! Got a bit tough, too many textbooks. And nothing about ISC Mathematics is poetic! 😕


2 thoughts on “Dream Psychology (My Apologies to Freud) 

  1. Madsies says:

    This was so interesting and well put. 😀 A shout-out to Wuthering Heights!


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