Born of Great Expectations


Born of Great Expectations

(384)- winding sheet- dripping on the sides of the candle, resembling a shroud 

(379)- “Fill, fill”-“fill, my friend, the flowing bowl”

(191)- a woman and a sister- am I not a man and brother?

(269)- she summed up, ‘all the finches of the Grove’
(281)- ‘once more the mists were rising’- reveal, truth 

(184)- the sweetest woman I had ever seen- a dignity 

(38)- overgrown mangle, (48)- walk in the same.. Life 

(26)- prodigal (22)- monumental 

(197)- would melt anything (320) of her fury
(67)- flighty, crazy (431)- remarkable 

(442)- I will not stir from your side, as when 

I am suffered to be near 

(443)- querulous, (442) trembled, her hand in mine

479- shadow, the shadow of no parting from her 



Day Twelve- and how time sprints. Today’s prompt asked to write a poem derived from the index pages of a book. I spent a good few minutes wondering what the heck to write of gynecology or Lenin and Stalin, then dug up an old book from school. I didn’t have Great Expectations for this one, but well, now I do. 😜

Cookies from a cookie, 

Cookie ❤  


2 thoughts on “Born of Great Expectations

  1. Madsies says:

    Nice. School memories!

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