Just Another

Just Another 

There are so many creases in this room 
Creases in my pillow, creases where I cried 

Knots in my bed that watched me try

Sometimes half heartedly, sometimes intent 

To die 

Cracks in the floor that I’ve felt against my face 

A gap in the window where, on some days, 

I saw the only sunlight I saw at all 

Mercifully enough, I spent only a few days 

Of that sort, within these walls
But suffering leaves marks, just like age

And the objects in the room, like my body 

Bear signs of my bouts of impotent rage 

And really, in all this time, nothing has changed

-except how I see them 

See past them, and myself, and the self pity 

Life is painful, and beautiful, in the grand scheme of things 

And I’m just another nameless girl, in a room

In some house, in some city 



Day Eleven. The prompt for today was a poem that’s a bit of a description of something trivial, but a bigger life picture woven in at the end. No idea wut wut, bit tried it out anyway. :p 
Cheers, you guys! 


5 thoughts on “Just Another

  1. Madsies says:

    These woven words seem anything but trivial. Great writ!

    Liked by 1 person

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