Half By Dream 

Half By Dream

I know you by the shape of your sighs

By the reds of your skies

I’ve known you,

You don’t speak and I listen

I know you, by the smell of your skin
By the touch of your voice, I know you

There are timbers that hang in the air

Flakes of the sun dispersed everywhere

By the golden in your laugh I know you

As if your heart was laid on mine, and both

Were bare
I know you as if you were bared
Exposed to the elements, revealed, unveiled

The motes of dust spiral in physical symphony

Glimpses of the night, embedded galaxies

In the quiets of your storms, unseen hitherto

As if you were black and white, I know you
In the mark of every touch you’ve laid on me

In every disheveled morning we’ve woken up to see

In every scar and every secret I have show you

In everything I have ever known

I know you






5 thoughts on “Half By Dream 

  1. I love LOVE this one! As per usual with me, because of my own style I long to unknit this one and let it meter shine…but OHHH the core, the bloody brilliance of the core!!

    Great Catch love!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. PapaBear says:

    This is the best you’ve written this year, Cookie. It’s brilliant ! Nothing more I can say. ……….. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Madsies says:

    Such brilliancy and confidence.


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