I Won’t Read You

I Won’t Read You


They promised me happiness, all
the books I read growing up
There was always a happy ending
The fantasy isn’t the hunched, warty troll
It’s the concept that he could find
A partner-in-crime-troll
To live under the bridge with him

Lies, all lies
Don’t you see?

They’ll promise you happiness, all
the books you’ll read growing up
Escape, millionares in the sand, endless limbs
I give up
They all lie
They don’t write of life
Don’t you see?

Find me someone who will confess
To the moments of madness
to loneliness so acute that it sharpens
like a cocklebur digging
Like a parasite under your skin

Find me someone who can find love in
plain brown eyes
In the anger and the heartache and the confusion
Will he glorify my redemption?
I won’t read him till you promise me
He won’t lie
And if he writes of a love
That can hold me when I cry

I might read him
I could believe
I won’t promise, but
I’ll try





(c) CM





5 thoughts on “I Won’t Read You

  1. PapaBear says:

    Sometimes it’s really difficult to find one worth the trouble of reading…, but always worth the try. Who knows? Maybe tomorrow……………. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Madsies says:

    Powerful! Such a delight to be here.


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