There is no home for us until we first find one within ourselves. 
I hope you are all on your way home. ❤ 

Cookie ❤ 

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4 thoughts on “Shelter 

  1. I really love this poem.

    So Cooks…tell me about how/what/why/etc you decide where to make your line breaks…is there anything more than just how it feels in your gut? Not that there has to be by any means! But I am allus Miss Curious…and because this is sumfin I am so deliberate about it makes me wonder is all…

    MUCH love,


  2. Hehe your curiosity is what fills you with such childlike wonder, sweets. 🙂 The line breaks here were unconscious, for the most part. The ones that I wanted to emphasize were the ones I put paras in- ‘He didn’t’, and ‘I walked away’. The first because I loathe that trait that so many guys have, where they think just because you’re having a conversation with them means that something is implied. Heck, that’s one of the reasons I’m so anal about not letting anyone buy me drinks- except le bf, of course. He’s forgiven everything. Other people.. I don’t like there being even a semblance of obligation. The other one I put spaces around to stress on the finality.

    After all, once the illusion is well and truly broken, you can never close your eyes and go back to it completely.


  3. And *tackle* hugs! 😀


  4. Madsies says:

    Love and Hugs! 😀


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