Chester Bennington no more 

I’m not sure how to process any of this yet, but it’s official. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, is no more. Linkin Park, is no more. A portion of the wall of the world has crumbled, and fallen on our heads. 
We spent the better part of yesterday dismissing it as a hoax, but it’s been confirmed by most of the outlets and the band members. 

Could we ever stop loving him? Probably not. I don’t know what good could come of this except.. I hope you’re at peace, Chester. 
Never, ever forgotten. The Man who kept me alive so many nights. 
Rest In Peace, Chester. 


13 thoughts on “Chester Bennington no more 

  1. Manuela says:

    So sad. He was so incredibly talented

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  2. Mandyp182 says:

    SO SAD ! 😦 I have been sad for days . I just wrote 650 words on him 😦

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  3. newhonesty says:

    No, why should we stop loving him? He was a great musician and will never be forgotten. I am heartbroken that this happened and now we only have his songs left.

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    • newhonesty says:

      Writing about it helped me a bit I guess, but it really is a tough goodbye for a Linkin Park fan… How are you dealing?

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      • I’m not sure. Leave out all the rest came on my shuffle today, and I kinda started crying all over again. It’s scary how prophetic that song is now. But one thing’s for sure. This is now a world without Linkin Park in it. Idk.. if I’ll ever be okay with that completely. How are you doing?

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    • There is no way I could ever stop loving him. Linkin Park was a Band that stood with me for the most of my teenage life and adult life again. Their songs don’t stand for the pain that existed while I heard them, but as a sort of stationary point in time while circumstances changed. I wish he could have seen, or known, how many people he helped. How many people they affected for the better. And his passing was not just unexpected, but also unfair- even to him. If only we’d known. If only any of us had known.


      • newhonesty says:

        I don’t know what I’m feeling right now. I loved what Mike posted on IG and Facebook but even if they decide to continue making music, I don’t know how I feel about that without Chester. Linkin Park was always about all the band members but Chester was such a crucial part. I actually started crying when I saw a picture with a quote I then used for the tribute on my blog… It’s definitely a new world although music-wise I didn’t like the latest record anyways. It’s just sad to know that Chester will never ever make music again. Was always a surprise to hear what the guys came up with…

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      • You’re absolutely right. The last album was different, to say the least, but you knew with Linkin park, that something wonderful could always be around the next corner. Now.. they might make good music, but it won’t be Linkin Park. And we won’t stop missing him. It’s like I’m physically aware of missing him.


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