A Devil of a Drink

A Devil of a Drink

We sat down for a drink,
My demons and I
And a few fiery golden glasses in
We all agreed
-It was openly decreed
That I’m leading them all into Sin

Can’t argue with that, they tell
Me, I’m booked on a
One way trip to hell, see
My sorrow and self destruction
Have made me a celebrity
A legend, even, something
Of a fable

I’m just saying, if he gives me a call
As long as he brings the alcohol
Satan’s more than welcome
at my table

‘Messages Off a Cigarette’


A Home For Two

A Home For Two

One day, you and I will be somewhere
An island of thought in
The middle of nowhere
And all around us, the oceans
Will laugh, and stare
Of us two, carving away our place
While the world drifts, unaware
And we’ll live together, you and I, just so
And no one except the silence behind
The stars, will know
That you were there
And I was there

‘Messages Off a Cigarette’


Tonight, I will not listen to you. To anything you say, or the things that you won’t.

Tonight, I will have this dream. Tonight, it’s mine….

Messages Off a Cigarette -LIV-


We slept
And he never turned
And he never asked
And he never touched me
And he never cared

And I cried
And I cried
And I cried

And we slept
It was almost as if we were
Two strangers in a bed

Messages Off A Cigarette’


Messages Off a Cigarette -LIII-


It’s not like you don’t
know how tough it is
Or how rough it is for me, already
You see it all,
I know you see
– haven’t I had enough?
Why should I have to suffer so much more
Just for your love?

‘Messages Off A Cigarette’


Messages Off a Cigarette- Disease



I changed my world
Turned it on its head
Since you turned my head
I’ve made everything better
For myself
Since you came
So I found it
Decidedly odd
That we changed our worlds
But you still hesitate
To say my name
Out loud
But someone pointed out
That love can be more affliction
Than affection
And I think that may be true
Because it makes you
ill at ease
While I’m delusionally happy

Maybe love is my disease

‘Messages Off a Cigarette’

Messages Off a Cigarette -L-


He makes me write
Of Happiness I forgot,
In words I cannot remember

‘Messages off a cigarette’

Fiftieth post in this series. I’m a little bit stunned and a very large bit grateful. Love you guys. ❤

Slake -XLIX-


trickled down
the soft curve
The small of her back
Eyes were empty
No, she couldn’t see
Dazed, glazed gaze, he
Held her incomplete, thirsting spirit
Just as tightly
As she did
Just on a whim
She bent down
Equally fierce
Equally dim

With desire
She drank
From him

‘Messages Off a Cigarette’