The Devil and I 

I don’t mind the Devil 

He lies, he spits venom

Drinks too much 

Sometimes he sets my home on fire

But he’s honest, doing everything in his power to 

Lead me astray 

Still, we’re okay, the Devil and I

With him, I know where I stand 

It’s a process, but

It’s okay 

It’s these crooked halos I don’t understand 

All the good people around me, whose rot I can smell 

a page of reality away 

What kind of God’s golden children are they

The purity doesn’t fit, their wings are all wrong 

I read the Devil was an angel 

It makes sense why he left 

Even I can see that he didn’t belong 

The Devil and I 


Better the Devil we know… (very well). 


A Glass Of You 

A Glass Of You 

A glass of you 

Just for me 

Would sustain my soul

For eternities 

But I chase you

And I taste you 

Like the traces of fragrance 

That lost its way 

A few faded moonbeams

Forgotten on the earth after

The break of day 

Like fresh water lost in 

The salt of the ocean 

A thought centered by its

Own gravity, in the midst 

Of perpetual motion

No, my heart

You would leave me to starve

And I happily would too

We lovers, seemingly,

Aspire to sink 

And you could nourish me

If you were as real

As substantial 

As the bitter words I drink 

Some nights we pour, 

We smile, and

We down

Some nights, we laugh






Because beer contains more calories than your love‘- Sumit Goreja

On the Rocks

On the Rocks

I can never seem to earn
Your free smile, unless
We’re at the bottoms of
Our cups
It’s a conundrum, because
You are a constant wonder
But when you’re sober,
It’s tough
To understand if I’m at fault,
grating on your nerves, or
You’re simply feeling a bit
Either way, if it takes a river
Of whiskey,
Flowing through the rocks, till
It’s empty,
For us to laugh together

Bottoms up




I wonder about the inherent lunacy
Of letting the moon reason with me
She’s too convincing, just like you
And drew me out
In abject fallacy
You ravage me, and she ravishes me
Which is why my nights are a
Trial, of remembering to forget
All the things I wished you’d say, and
All the things I say,
that I regret
While we still wade through the
Murky waters, of
All left unsaid
We still get along swimmingly, though
Let’s face it
My madness is an bottomless ocean, and
We both want to get wet




I want
To say it all to you
But you’d rather not
Hear anything
Because my questions
Are too defining
Asking for a place in your life
-too much ‘asking’
Making your feelings known
Is too intimidating for you
And this constant chasing after you
-for me, it’s a little demeaning
Even though, and especially since
You’re my everything

It’s all very confusing

But between my words
And your wordlessness
Both silence and eloquence
Have meaning


Road to Nowhere – II

Road to Nowhere – II

I’m tired
And I want to go home
My heart’s been hurting
Ever so long
I can’t keep walking on
Because now
my feet hurt too
I just want to go home
To you

But I’m walking in circles
And I’m scared
How will I find my way home
To you
On the road to nowhere?