Being Today 

Today, I’m gloriously blue. Like the sky, like the book open in front of me, a little bit like the flowers in the corner. 
What are you today? 




One day, I’ll wake
sore and stiff
My arms will ache
I’ll grope for my glasses
And my hands will shake
Hobble into the kitchen
Feed half a dozen cats and
Then feed myself
(It depends)
If I live to grow
That old, though
That’s not where I want
The picture to end

I want magnets on the fridge, with
Childish drawings, stick figures
You and me, and trees
A happy sun,
graduation pics
Reminders to call
Blood pressure meds, table top tablets
Probably paracetomol
For your knees, and mine
A wine cellar huge enough that
It takes us ages to find
The right one to polish off
When dinner’s done

One day, when
my mind has grown younger, and
My body has grown older
I might see the world differently
But I’ve already decided that
If I decide to stick around
And grow old
I’m only doing it
If you’re growing old with me




Every time that we’re
In bed
There’s words spilling over
Inside my head
Even the world spills over
In phrases I can’t capture
Each like a touch, searing
But replaced by another
So many poems, in your hands
Each more beautiful, than the other
– I honestly don’t know
What to say
It’s baffling
How you give me
so much to write about
You take my words away





I knew that I would
Corrosive touches, flaying
Inside out
I held a good acquaintance
With melancholy
I endured

I had the measure of
Aimless days
I slept, I woke, on repeat
I did not seek,
I did not pray
I pacified myself
Thinking that it was all Life had,
To give

And then, you touched me
And I knew

What it truly was
To live

© CM

Just Chillin’


Just Chillin’

We call each other ‘asshole’
The way people use ‘babe’
Yowl to songs like feral tomcats
And bitch like two old maids

Discuss zombie apocalypses
Like planning today’s lunch
Debate fetishes and football
As if yesterday’s brunch

Get into so, so much trouble
Get away with so much more
While normal people take lessons
You and I, we keep score

You’re pretty much the reason
That I chill like I do
But we’d rather take ten shooters each
Than say the cursed words
( ‘ehh.. Fuck you too?’)

Even so, you still know though, we’re
Two of an insane kind
And shh, but yeah, I love you more
Than both the worlds combined

So yeah, enough of the mush talk
We’re not made for wuv anyway
But there’s no one except you, dude,
Uhhh yeah?

Guess that’s all I had to say =P


Friendship and love, the power package. Yay for both, and double yay for two in one! 😛

Beer pong and cuddles,

Cookie ❤

Under the Stars


Under the Stars

Azure glimmers, silver shadows
Dapple across your milky skin
Your searching, melting kisses
Your absolut perfection

And I am bewitched
By reality
Spilling into tonight
Transcending all my fantasies
You, and me,
Under the stars
In the moonlight
In the gossamer of dreams
Blanketed by the clouds
The world has
Frozen, tonight

And I feel beautiful with you
Almost unflawed
And everything broken in me
Just you, and me
Under the stars
You, and me,
In the moonlight

Azure glimmers, velvet shadows
Drift across the endless sea
Wander through the seamless sky
Over, and through,
And me

© CM

There are so many words inside my head. None of them are willing to cooperate, though. They trip over themselves in their eagerness to be said, and stumble away shyly, that they might be said out loud. They jumble up with images, and thoughts, and flashes of memories that electrify me, mind, body, and soul.

There are so many words inside my head. But none, none of them can describe what you mean to me, what you make me feel. None of them can do that. 

None of them can say what the stars did, or the dark blue velvet sky. What the drunk moon said, blurring in and out of existence. What the wind said on the roof last night, or the water said, between us, this morning. 

No words can ever gather how you heal me, how blessed I feel, even when you say nothing at all. No words can cobble together what it’s like,  to love you with every fiber of my existence.

And for the first time in my life, I find that I need no words at all. Because I have each and every moment you give me, imprinted in my head. Imprinted in my thoughts, like a talisman glowing inside my ribs, warming me from within. Each one more precious than the breaths I take. There are no words at all, for how happy you make me. 

And none for how much I love you. 





In the subtlest caress of
The morning sunlight
In the frozen drops of dew
Lacing fragile cobwebs
In the fragrance of fresh citrus
On my fingertips

In the hint of a smile, in
A resurfacing memory
In the calm of end of night
Where all dreams run free
In waking up with a calm
Suffusing the breath in me
In peace even in restlessness
Even In velvet shadows, I see

In a thousand leaping, reaching
Dancing tongues of flame
In the smoke, and in the ashes,
From whence they came
Even in the silence, between
My two heartbeats
I can hear, I can hear
I can hear
Your name…

© CM


Absolute clarity, like single peal slicing through the stillness.

Like a thread of ripples rolling across a pool, to end in nothingness.

Like motes of dust swirling in a single illuminating ray.

Like midnight moonlight. Like waking dreams.

Like a voice. Your voice.

You ask why I find a new facet I like, every day

This is why. I see you more lucidly, and myself too.

And all the curtains fall away…