Maybe a certain amount of insult
Is needed, to stoke benumbed pride

Maybe a certain amount of pain
Is necessary, to provoke healing, inside

To induce renervation, to restore circulation
Maybe, it’s unavoidable, injury

To make your mind open, through the fog,
Tentatively, once again, to see

That’s what it took
And it doesn’t matter, if
That’s what it takes

I am finally awake.







What about the paths that tears take?
What about the furrows blood makes?
What about the roads lazy fingers take down spines
What of the goosebumps that soft whispers raised?

And the spaces between fingers, that were filled?
Glances that caressed, lips that swilled?
Quakes of pure adrenaline, and aftershocks
That undiminished, each encounter instilled?

No, you can still feel invisible stains
Some things seep deeper than cloth and flesh
And marks fade, but impressions remain
That with a perfunctory glance, refreshed
Some lessons are learnt with naught gained
Some pills you swallow to no relief
Sometimes you smile, and laugh, and work,
And you grieve, and you grieve, and you grieve

Some hurt, some bruises go all the way in
Not all scars show on skin






Almost at the end of NaPoWriMo, one day to go.

Chin up, and Cheerio chin chin!




Where we’re concerned
The term
‘Static electricity’
Is a misnomer
The sparks just fly
Between you and me
Singeing the air
Generating EMPs
Of immeasurable
We’re nuclear
You’re a weapon of my destruction
My W.M.D

We don’t move closer
So maybe
That’s ‘static’
But the atmosphere
Around us
Is always charged


Daily Prompt – Free write

Four Letter Word



Four Letter Word


I always found
Romance novels
A little nauseating
Sugary syllables, sweet
Saccharine confessions
Vaguely sickening

Nothing like the real thing

The real thing
Is fragrant, flamboyant
An overwhelming deluge
Like I bit into a rose and
swallowed fire, confused
And pained and delirious
A four dimensional world
Compressed between both of us
A four letter word
I could spend forever
From me and you
The real thing
Enclosed in your arms, lying here
I’ll never want anything more
When I’ll have you

We could write books of our own
But wordless, with meanings expansive
And unknown
How could a flimsy novel
Tell me what Love is?
When I know you, and I know






Of late my posts have been rather frenzied and scattered. The sheer number of ‘likes’ and ‘reblogs’ has been amazing. I just want to thank everyone who’s commented and liked and reblogged and followed. You guys are so freaking awesome that you make me feel awesome by association. Thank you!! ❤ 


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Milestone No. 333



Milestone No. 333


I don’t know what we did
That drunken night
Think that I sat on the sidewalk and cried

Words, so many words
None of which made sense
My anger and your arrogance
Your relentless pursuit of

And it’ll take a long time to accept
That we won’t belong together anymore,
but at least I had you before
Milestone number 333
Where I buried my heart and came away

Now I just carry
A piece of that tombstone shaped rock in me


© CM



I seethe
Furious, then bitter
Then I cry and I forgive him
All before he even realizes
That he was being ignored

And each time,
I’m ashamed

I wonder how long
I’m going to keep losing
at my own game

© CM