Day 3: Leviathans dans le ciel

Monsters, even in the skies. That white whale defeats me yet. .





Day 3 of NaPoWriMo. Oh, we’re doing this! ☀️




Your Cookie has been traveling. Spring greetings from Bonn, Germany. Who’s in the neighborhood? 🙃



Clarities, in startling rapidity.

It’s remarkable how much gratitude will let you see. ♥️

Why I Was Consumed Then

You say you loved me the best you could have.

I believe you.

I accept that.

I am grateful.

But there is no denying

the simple truth.

I was unfulfilled.

I was unhappy.

I was suffocating.

I was stifling.

Trying to love you

In the way you loved me

I realize the difference now

Now that I can finally


Beauty Is A Strange Word


is a strange word

when you find it

when you stumble

across it

when you fall down and

scrape your knees

on it

and you laugh in realization

How strange it all is

and how beautiful 🌿




Do you see, why you are beautiful? .



It is because you can see it, too 🌿 .