Plant something in yourself today. Grow a tomorrow. ❤️


The Welcoming


The Welcoming

You took a seed and buried it,
Deep in the cool, dark earth.
It lay there soft, as seeds will do,
Awaiting time for birth.
The layers grew, quiet around
Enclosing it in love,
Watered it with your blood and tears
And it grew inspite of

The lurks and jerks of daily life
That suffocate the clay,
It labored on, oblivious
Of the pain of day
Inch by inch and turn by turn,
The world went round and round
Day in, day out, the farmer works,
On his child in the ground

You talk to it, of dreams and fears,
You talk to it of life,
Before the seed emerges it
Already knows to thrive
And in each cell, and each leaf
There is a thrum, each tuft
Knows already what it will be
For already, it’s loved.

And just like that, before you know
The whirlwind months have passed
But really, it’s the beginning,
Just the first, not the last
The weak pushing, light seeking stem
That you, tender, hold on,
Your flower was a hidden pearl,
And it has bloomed, your son.



Day 17 of NaPoWriMo, and here’s my hello to everyone! 🙂


Today’s prompt was about welcoming, and just yesterday I heard about someone who had lost their baby. Admittedly two very conflicting concepts, but they got me thinking about the nature of these things.


I’ve always loved gardening, for as long as I can remember. I was a very outdoorsy child, and still am. I’m the only one of my siblings who can climb all the trees in our yard, and get to the roof without a ladder.  You’ll never hear me complaining about getting dirt on my manicure or sand between my toes. On the contrary, it’s these sort of little inconveniences that make you feel alive. What’s the point of going to the beach if you won’t muck about with the shells? And similarly, messing around in the garden makes you feel so connected with the earth. Sure it’s dirt, it’s mud, but when you dig it up and plant something, cover the seed and pat it down, you sow a little hope with that seed. You will it to grow, to flourish, to push its tiny head out into the sunlight and unroll that tiny, velvety little green leaf. Everything’s worth that moment when you see that lil guy stand on his own and dance around under the sprinkler. Lol, how could anyone not like it?


I guess motherhood is much of the same too. I’ve brought up so many abandoned kittens, and quite a few stray puppies and chicks. When I see my friend and her adorable children, I see the parallel, only amplified many levels more. It seems like an adventure, all of it. A glorious, life changing and life long adventure. Some day maybe I’ll be able to draw my own notes on it, but all that is a long way off.

Enough rambling! I’m not getting you down and melancholy today, it’s too lovely outside for that! Go on then, have a lovely day! 🙂



Sunshine and rain,

Cookie ❤