Some Days, We Are Enough 

Some days, we simply cannot. Other days, we flourish. Some days, we need each cell to function barely normally. 
Some days, we are not enough. But together, on some days, we are…. 





Fire in my chest
Inferno, between my lungs
Throbbing so loud and clear
Flapping Iike a dying bird
Screaming words I cannot hear,
Pounding, within my ribs
Fire, from my fingertips

Shivered murmurs, down my spine,
Tingling, in my neck, my mind,
Numbing soft, these jumbled thoughts,
Yet confused or lost, I’m not,
All the colors of the world,
Bleached and leached, and shone again,
Fire, pulsing ‘cross your face,
Fire, in so many ways,

Fire, pooling all around,
Leaking out from within me,
Fire as you read my lips,
Fire, from my fingertips
Fire, spreading slowly,
Filling my veins, set aflame,
As I feel you in my skin,
You say my name…

© CM