Blood Music 

I knew a man with laughing eyes 

Who thought the world could sing 

And in keeping with his philosophy 

He did everything 

He could, to make even the mute cry 

The seeing would go blind, not to see 

The songs people sang to for him 

Scarred their voices permanently

I knew that man with laughing eyes 

Too well, oh 

Too well 

And if only I could sing again 

Oh, the tales I would tell

But I left him, to his bone music 

Not far but far enough behind 

And ran into another man, headlong 

Who’d been waiting for me some time 

And he didn’t mind, my grave like eyes 

And the blood music in my head 

He’d learnt from a girl with laughing eyes 

That it’s better to have ones that are dead 

Now this man with dead eyes holds my hand 

And my lifeless ones sparkle too 

And it doesn’t matter, that we don’t sing out loud 

Because we have hearts that do 

© yusra 



Stars Go Very Far 

Stars Go Very Far

When I was a girl

I hoped that one day I would be with someone 

Who would fight for me

Who would make everything better 

Instead, I found someone 

Who stood by me

While I fought for myself 

While I made everything better 

And I’m happier 

Than I ever could have imagined 

And stronger 

Than maybe I ever was before 

After all these years 

Of relentless hoping 

I’ve been given so much more 

Than I ever wished for. 



Ugly With Colors

No, no!

Don’t look at my face!

Here, see what I forgave you for, instead!

Don’t, don’t do that

-don’t look into my eyes 

It’s just something I threw on

Oh, it’s just a good light

Yes, last night was wonderful

You fell asleep on me, but hey-

At least you had fun!

That’s what matters, right?

It’s okay, these things happen

What’s that, you need space?

Oh yes, I’d love to shop for your boss

It’s just a few miles out of my way

Haha, yes, you’re just friendly

I understand perfectly if

you want to gift her lingerie

Sure, I need no guarantees 

I’m not going anywhere 

So kind, I know, so sweet, I know

I put everyone at ease

Because ‘ugly girls have good 


Paper bags for our heads, 

from the groceries 

covering the lease

Ignoring the intent 

Constant appeasement

-Compensation, remuneration

Is what we deal in, instead of 


That’s the only trade we know

So that’s the commerce we expect

-and know of no other. 

You can see black and white

when you’re taught that

You’re ugly in color 

© CM


Ugly With Colors. 
It’s not the first time I’ve heard this ‘ugly girls have good personalities’ thing, but doesn’t make it any less painful. 

Or, as my father puts it, at least you have no reason to waste time in front of a mirror. 
Maybe. Or maybe that’s because that’s not the reflection that matters to me. 


You watch him

You watch him laugh 

He’s holding her hand

They walk 

As if he’s stepping on air

In her wake

You might as well not

Be there

You stare

At that hand

You used to hold 

At that man

Who was yours 

Who walked out of your heart like

He never even was 

She laughs and

He gazes with the wonder

Of a thousand glittering stars 

In his eyes 

He finally sees 

Even though he doesn’t understand yet

For you

That’s what he used

To be

He bobs his head eagerly

Holds the door open

She sails past

She’s amused, he’s oblivious 

to the fact that

She’s not gazing back tenderly

Even from the sidewalk, you recognize 

That bemused expression

That detached air 

You remember your nerves fluttering around him 

And that’s the smile

He used to wear 

You watch the pantomime unfold

Not sure yet if

You’ve seen enough 

If you’re ready to go

You’ve crossed the signpost he’s

Walking towards

She will break his heart, too 

And he too will know 




Lessons In Fall

Pink, velvet soft, blushing, misbegotten
Dirt stained, so many flowers lay
The sidewalks were carpeted, the
Alleys were filled
Rosy teardrops strewn
all over the world
For whom have these flowers blossomed?
To be thrown away,
what have they sinned?
Why did they grow, so painstakingly slow
To be this chagrined?
Were they for us? Did we forget
To witness their beauty, before age and neglect
Set in?
Or am I seeing this the wrong way
– could it be
We owe it only to ourselves
Not for the world to see
It doesn’t matter who
turns away blindly
We all grow, so painstakingly slow
We are
Alive, and warm, and dirt stained
And I bloom
Only for me?


‘Allo peeps. I’ve been away wayyy too long. Got some stuff sorted out, got some more sorting out to do- but I’m back! There’s a Cookie dispenser in ye corner, and a stack of poems over ye, and free hugs right here! ❤

Black Cherries 


The blossoms lay strewn like

Splashes of blood 

in the pillars of snow 

And her tears watered their veins 

Whispering to them, to grow, to grow

Push their arms out, to seek the sun,

Break the frost, split the ground 

And the flowers turned to fruit, turned to seed, to seek 

The sky, while her grief withered slow 

Death bloomed, and life bloomed around 

And people chanced, to this hidden orchard

Trees laden heavy with berries unknown 

The sweetest, melancholic sorrow dwelled there

– Who had this garden, sown? 

Quiet, she slumbered miles below them

 In her sleep of final peace 

Ever so often though, someone would find 

A tear, in the black cherries 

‘Black Cherries’


Sometimes, I want to be selfish. 

I want to be selfish. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone, or answerable to anyone. I don’t want to make allowances for how the other person’s feeling. I want to say what I think, no matter how hard the truth may hit them. I don’t want to think about them. I want to think about me. 

At least in a corner of my mind, I want to be selfish. I want to be okay with wanting things all to myself, wanting people all to myself. It’s so ingrained in us that selfishness is bad that I let self sacrifice become a wraith wrapped around my shoulders- I don’t want to drown in selflessness. 
Maybe that means not being sweet constantly, but nothing wrong with being a bit tart occasionally. If life tastes good in the end, you’re doing it right. 
Y’all make sure you’re doing right by yourself, now. Nothing wrong with looking away from the world and looking after yourself once in a while. I’m going to try to take my own advice too. 
Cheerio Cookieos!  

A Kooky Cookie Poem!




A Kooky Cookie Poem!


A shower of fortune is headed your way
A bashful admirer will soon be revealed
A friend is going to bring you a big gift
A pact of benefits to all will be sealed

A problem will a flipped opportunity
Alone we do little, together, do much
Success gives you a reputation for wisdom
Going solo still ranks above going dutch

Be careful with whom you share your confidence
Be patient, true love is out there, you’ll find.
The measure of heaven and earth you consider
You’ll never be able to, that of the mind.





Day 26 of NaPoWriMo!! =D =D


Today’s poem is a little random, I know. I’ve been wanting to write on the fortune cookie prompt for a while now, and finally today I got the chance to get back to the trusty poota. I also found this website called where there’s pretty much an endless list of fortunes to use and tweak around. A little of the aforementioned tweaking for rhyme, and we have today’s poem! 😀 


Also I have a great thing in store for everyone. I recently read a new book written by my friend Rohan over at rohan7things, and I’ll be posting the review in my next big post! It’s a really awesome book, and I plan on telling you just how awesome. Not the ending though of course, that you have to read for yourself! 😀


Be back soon with Day 27! Have a great day everyone! 



A Fortune Cookie 😛