Another restless night
Too many words, not enough coherence to write
Condolences to somnolence, insolence to shut eyed
Indolence, this impudence, ambivalence, outright
Defiance, to every effort painstakingly contrived
To write, to write, to write!

Depart me my reason, reject all these claims
Descensions into insanity do not deserve to be- Proclaimed!
Exultant, victorious, come
Look at me
The babble pours forth in bubbling nonsense
Loquacious- look, I am crazy!
I see, I see, I see
Books like headless angels flapping around me
Rooftops in the darkness, methods to the madness
Vehemences of inspired
One simple minded, self convinced confused woman
Starving on the sustenance of anemic omnipotence

You conspired to inspire me
You forced me to think
You made me cry
All I ever wanted was a quiet moment
You and I
Two moons in the sky
Deprived of that meager solace
Have my raving soliloquy instead
I’m done, I’m almost empty

I wonder


Could I finally




Milk and Honey 


Milk and Honey 

She baked his heart into a pie 

He lay watching, detachedly 

Bleeding out, impossibly still alive 

As she sliced through the remaining arteries 

Obscenely licking her red stained fingers 

That blissful smile, an angelic fixture 

Twisting her knife as his heart drained

-Such a seemingly innocent gesture 

But as she laughed, she gave the mania away 

The lurking tell tale signs of insanity 

A bit too late for him to back track now 

He was for dinner – and the last ignominy 

Would be that he hadn’t even put up a fight 

He’d all but given himself- and she 

She’d smiled knowingly

He’d be up for dessert tonight 



Day Sixteen of Napowrimo. Written for the Almanac prompt- maenads, milk, and honey. 🙂

Go on, have a slice of madness. 😉 
Orrrrr have a Cookie. :p 

Image credit : Jesselee13 at DeviantArt